Technology and Cybersecurity Expert Steve Hultquist

Technology and Cybersecurity Expert
Steve Hultquist


Assessments of technology, technology plans, and projects. Creation of technology strategy, plans, and architecture. Executive oversight of projects, team creation and refining, execution, delivery.

CIO, CISO, CTO On-Demand

Many organizations are not generally expert in how to best use technology to create the outcomes they want, making sure not to overspend, but also not to fall victim to the various factions that exist among the technology elite.

Having held positions as CIO, CISO, CTO, and other executive and consulting roles, you have the benefits of experience without the requirement of the financial investment in a full-time expert executive. Instead, use him for projects or transitional periods to get what you need done quickly, effectively, and at a much lower overall cost.

Steve has a strong focus on the productivity of the organization, and aligns technology to address the variation among people to get the most out of everyone and reduce the friction of technology as much as possible.