Analyst, Writer, and Speaker Steve Hultquist

Analyst, Writer, and Speaker
Steve Hultquist


Assessments of technology, messaging, the market, and reviews. Creation of messages, data sheets, articles, reviews, and training curricula. Interviews and invited articles, speeches and conference panels.

Messaging, Evangelism, Training

Your products and services are designed and built to make a difference for your customers and change the world for the better, but how do you help those who would benefit most understand why they should pay attention, take a look, and make a choice for you?

Having spent years helping enterprises frame their products' benefits and value, writing technology reviews, and building analyst products like data sheets and PR, Steve provides the unique perspective of a CIO/CTO/CISO with the skills of a communicator.

Steve has a strong focus on the customer, their language, their pain and benefit, and communicating in a way that resonates for the key prospective customers for products and services. He also guides marketing organizations and product management in determining directions to take the product and its messaging to resonate well.