Terms of Service for Reviews, Testing, and Test Validation

Objectivity is the primary requirement for reviews and testing of products. Our reviews, testing, and test validations are unequivocally objective. We test and review specifically to uncover the benefits and values of a product to the consumer of the product and to identify any shortcomes of which the consumer should be aware. Features and benefits we find in the process, we emphasize. Things we do not find, we explain.

Companies who submit products and services for review or who engage us in testing or validation activities do not have any editorial control over the process or the output of the projects.

We highlight the benefits and communicate the challenges of products and services without damaging the reputations of the products' creators. As a result, we may choose to withhold reviews and tests in the event companies need to update or otherwise change their products or services in order to address significant shortcomings. While no product or service is perfect, it does not benefit the marketplace or the consumers to simply castigate companies for shortcomings.

We receive direct or indirect compensation for some reviews and testing. This does not impact our objectivity or our output. We continue to abide by our three founding values:




You may direct any questions about these processes or specific reviews to us by contacting us.