Ode to a season

As winter rolls into spring here in Colorado, the ski season winds down and I refocus on technology, business, and leadership. For the past six months, I've been splitting time between Boulder and the mountains, meeting new people, learning new concepts, getting back in touch with how my body moves, and developing concepts as a result of living in an alternative context.

This season, I was on-snow more than 30 days--far more than I have spent in decades. As a result, my skiing improved dramatically, especially as a result of time spent on EpicSki, at the EpicSki Academy, and with the Copper Mountain Over the Hill Gang. I noticed that it took me about 12 days on-snow to really begin to hit "the zone". Before that, each day seemed to be a new experience. Even though I have 34 seasons on-snow, each day was a challenge to get my balance back, to find the "sweet spot" on the skis, to "learn to turn", in a sense. But, around day 12, I began to ski mostly in a place of intuition.

There is a parallel for life in there. When we do not spend the time and focus consistently on an area of our life that we'd like to improve, we find ourselves virtually starting over every time. This provides the foundation for focus in life. Most of us are so scattered that we never really get moving well in any particular direction before we find ourselves pulled away to do something else. As a result, we never build momentum and make really positive progress towards our real objectives in life.

What are you seeking? Do you know? Are you staying on-plan?

I have to ask myself these questions frequently. How about you?