Back to the Future

So, it's Interop, again!

We're here at a new venue with the old name, building the eNet and iLabs as two effectively completely separate teams. As last time I wrote the Notes, I am a member of the iLabs teams, this time helping Karen, Bert, and the rest of the Full Spectrum Security iLab. We also have an iLab devoted to SIP and another devoted to Open Source.

Now, you need to know that the latter includes the hardware whore himself (yes, wej is here) and there are rumors that they are looking for an IBM mainframe to run Linux. The issue seems to be that they're not sure how to get sufficient plumbing into the iLabs area to cool one of the water cooled beasts...

I arrived yesterday, as did Bert. I had dinner and pretty much called it a night. He came over here to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center (the new venue) and got the racks lit and a lot of the work done before the rest of us arrived. Now, team members are arriving, and most of team will be here by late today. So far, it's the usual string the cable, unpack the crates, unpack the systems, drill holes for cables, get the KVMs working, and so on. Bert gave me the tough job first thing: make What's Up Gold work as a web server. So, I checked the check box and was ready to go...

...except for the other web servers on that system, the rediculous "Enhanced Security" of Windows Server 2003 (reminicent of other "Enhanced" items from previous shows--pure swill), and so on. I did eventually get it done, but my comment that it only took a second wasn't quite accurate...

Over lunch today, we discussed running all kinds of interesting services on the LinkSys APs running OpenWRT. Chris S. has them all over doing various embedded application tasks (many without any wireless turned on). As he puts it, where else can you get an embedded processor for $50? He's also got a little SMB file server, but it's in his room. We also discussed a NetBSD system that's got an uptime of 7 years, as well as the challenge of eating on the per diem that we have (last night, eating alone at a basic restaurant at the Luxor, I paid $60!). The good news is that folks will be able to eat where they'd like.

...I'll miss the food from '03!

Please use the comments here to ask questions, make suggestions, or anything else you'd like me to try to do. Keep it clean!


God bless Ron Jarrell.

Good night, Gracie,