Coming together

More folks are arriving, and we expect many of the vendor staff for the FSS iLab to show up today. The iLabs are pretty much built, with the teams working on testing (SIP) and configuration (OpenSource) and scenarios (FSS). wej still hasn't managed to fill the four racks that the OpenSource iLab has. In fact, looking at those racks from where I sit, the 1U servers only occupy about 40% of the space in the racks. So, wej will do what he always does: fill the extra space with marketing by using signs to fill it.

I suggested the prop electronics that they use in furniture stores...

He mentioned that, had he had a few more weeks, he would have had an IBM mainframe running Linux in the mix. But, alas, no.

Karen has finally decided to join us. The advantages of leadership--you just wait until all the heavy lifting is done, and then show up. Of course, it's taking her almost an hour just to unpack her stuff. Something about a meeting she had to attend...

Which brings up Tripp. Apparently, Karen's first iLabs lead position involved Tripp. He arrived, as was his habit, with everything that he owned. Something about a network for IETF or something. Anyway, he proceeded to stack his junk on his table to the point that Karen was sure that it would fall any minute. On her. It's scarred her for life. She now needs to be away from the walls and in an open part of the room. We're helping her, of course.

Today, when we arrived at the iLabs, the Norwegians had left a shrine on their table. There's a lamb leg there surrounded by various Norwegian alcoholic beverages in a ceremonial circle. Our Champion supervisor has contributed a bumper sticker: "I'm not an alcoholic. I'm a DRUNK. Alcoholics go to meetings." Is Interop a meeting?

My real question is what's wrong? We had Internet connectivity yesterday morning! We had power and cabling. All we had to do was unpack and plug in!

Chris Stradtman and the riggers came up with a great new method for guiding cable around the iLabs. Instead of the painful rigging of the trusses, the riggers hung pipe from the ceiling as conduit. The cabling goes through the pipe and into the racks or trays around the iLabs room. The rigging can also provide a dressing cable for the drops. No more trussing to trip over, the cabling is clean, and it was fast and simple to go up (took about 10 minutes for all three of them). Brilliant!

Neal has suggested that I need to get more details about Chris' embedded platform. Rumor has it he's running BGP, OSPF, and other "interesting" things on them. I'll see what I can find out...

God bless Ron Jarrell.

Good night, Gracie,