Hello? Hello?

Some number of years ago, I sat in a now-classic Interop panel on X.400. Marshall Rose was expressing his disdain for X.400 with this classic line: "Ring, ring, my phone is ringing. Who is it? An X.400 user, since they can't communicate with my X.400 system!"

Here, after ridiculing Karen last year for doing interoperability testing of WPA, Joel, Craig, Jim, and the rest of the SIP crew are doing interoperability testing of SIP. The area sounds like a stereotypical Verizon ad:

"They can't call each other, so we won't demo that."
"Why is that one ringing?"
"Do any of the SIPX systems actually work?"
"What are you guys doing?" "Making things work!"
"It doesn't, and I don't know what it did, so that's why I'm trying..."

I pretty much figure it will be a miracle if anything works. But, we've always been in the business of delivering miracles. Why not do it again?

Not to be outdone, Karen has decided that we'll do some interoperability testing, too. I think she was shamed into it. We're not going to organize it, though, rather facilitate what the vendors would like to try.

We're pretty excited that one of the key developers for Radiator has flown in from Australia to be with us. Other key participants are showing up, as well, which is very cool. Hege's team is full of interesting activities, including hacking into the sheep shank this afternoon during their team meeting (somehow, wej ended up in the very middle of that group. Imagine that...).

Poor Matthew. Seems he was pretty exhausted. You have to be careful around here when you do that! Of course, when you take pictures like that, you have to be expecting retaliation.

The SIP guys realized some time ago that they needed a "cheesy" demo, what Carig discussed as, "Call this number to make the monkey climb the rope." As a result, they have a couple of demos that actually were tough to do and took some development or other extensive work. They have a BetaBright this year, encouraging folks to call an 888 number to learn some number of words that their phone number spells. They won't send supervision, so mobile phone users won't even be charged airtime for it. Furthermore, calling a specific number in the SIP area will make Elvis dance.

This year, catering is rumored to be significantly more expensive than in the LVCC, with the micro-sodas (10oz) rumors to cost $4.50. Gulp, gulp, gulp, there goes $9...

Karen is dealing out wireless cards like the dealers at the 21 tables. Rodney is asking for anything that's not a Cisco, while others are just looking for something that they can get to work. Chris has managed to visit Frys at nearly all of the locations they have since the start of Hot Stage and to buy some wireless product each time. As a result, he has to dig to find anything...

God bless Ron Jarrell.

Good night, Gracie...