The Disorganized Conspiracy

I have been observing lately the general tendency of so many in our society to intensionally tear down alliances rather than join them and advance the cause. Using quarelling, belittling, sarcasm, and other techniques, people believe that they are advancing themselves while tearing down others. In fact, however, they are simply sabotaging the opportunities for accomplishment that emerge from synergy.

It is, of course, easier to belittle another than to understand them and to work with them to see what you can together create. Furthermore, not everyone is an appropriate partner in the discovery process. However, it is far better to simply avoid the energy of lashing out at others and focus your energy on those actions that will move you in the direction of your definite major purpose.

I cannot help but think that so many of our challenges today are due to the deliberate division generated by the press and sarcastic skeptics that belittle every idea. The creation of excellence now has the roadblock of those without the imagination or initiative to do anything on their own.

It is essential for all of us to realize that this is the case, for this is an insideous danger that lurks for all who desire to do a good work. Set yourself up to overcome the comments, criticism, and complaints of those who seem to live to tear down. Instead, be very careful to share your goals only with those who will support their achievement. Keep the thoughts within close company until you have the momentum and strength to overcome the naysayers.

...and thus achieve what you set your mind to do...