The Interpersonal Explosion

If you have never been a member of a group of people who worked together to accomplish a good work, you have missed one of the joys of life. For me, I have had the blessing of being involved with the InteropNet since the fairly early days (1993) and have, in fact, written some notes about my experience there this year with a bow to the earlier years.

The InteropNet NOC Team is an amazing group of technical experts who, for many years, put together a bleeding edge network to provide communication technologies across the show floor as both a production network and demonstration of the capabilities of emerging technologies. As a result of the knowledge, skills, and commitment of each member of the team, we were able to do some truly exciting and amazing technological wonders over the course of a number of years.

As a critical part of that work, members of the team met over the course of the year prior to an event to discuss what we would try to show, how we would show it, and how we would endeavor to mitigate the significant risks of failure in using technology just beginning to see the light of day. The discussions would be emotional, opinionated, and strongly expressed. But, interestingly enough, during breaks and our long dinners into the night, deep friendships were created and strengthened--even (or, perhaps, particularly)--between those who were strongly opposed during the meetings. We all knew what we were trying to do, we were all committed to doing it, we all knew that we were in it together, and we were above all committed to one another in our joint success.

These are characteristics that create an empowering, fulfilling, and synergistic environment that results in far more than could be done by even these brilliant individuals working alone.

In my view, life is far too short to work in any other environment. Find work that you love and do it with those with whom you can synergize. Then, let everyone cut loose...