This is Too Easy

I am sure that someone is facing a new challenge in putting together the network and demonstrations for the show, but I've not actually heard any examples. Instead, the SIP team and some others are going to see "We Will Rock You" tonight, I suspect that the OpenSource team will probably find something to keep them busy, again, and the FSS team is dwindling already.

We did catch Fabio (that's Chris Stradtman, in case you're wondering) trying to pull a TNEFKAS (Chris Liljenstolpe) and using a chair as a ladder. Fortunately, it wasn't a desk chair with castors, so he managed to survive it. He was trying to push cable down the conduit, however, until he was encouraged to get a fish tape. He snagged one from EDLEN (I still think of the old line editor every time I see that), and Brett helped him actually pull the cable through. Until he pulled too hard and lost it. They did eventually get it done...

Unfortunately. Since it's for a multi-directional video feed that's pointing into the iLabs fishbowl (from inside). I don't know if it'll be accessible from outside, but, if so, I'll post it here. You'll be able to stare at the SIP table, and perhaps some of the FSS table.

Trying to be a fly on the wall while also getting stuff done has been a bit of a challenge. I don't know how Ron did it all those shows. But, to get around that, I'm just not doing very much. I am getting some help, though, which is great. Here are the quotes of the day:

Nothing's wrong with the network. I'm just incredibly stupid.
I'm an idiot
It's not supposed to be a production network, yet.
I've started my white paper... I think it's still called 'document1'.
They don't have any exhibitors to test against, so they use us, instead.
They should be paying us to take them!
No! No, no, no, no! (Craig, responding to Karen's n-th Diet Coke of the day)
"We'll just use Starbucks only misspell it." "Don't use an 'F', just don't use an 'F'! (Alice/ssh)
It's time to kick everybody out of here! Time to go &$#% up the network!
External is down. Again!

Today we spotted Allen Gwinn toting a ladder into the iLabs. Allen Gwinn with a ladder? In the iLabs. Without a Sharpie... But, with a camera...

Of course, Geoff was hit on the head by some Norwegian alcohol. He claims someone threw it. I think it was just on top of the 'fridge when he grabbed something. But, that stuff seems to have a bit of a life of its own. Perhaps Geoff did something. He is on the OpenSystem team...

Karl Auerbach showed up today, too, and has Maxwell stuffed into the SIP network. I guess they really do want to try to test some things. Karl is making some inquiries into Fabio's embedded platform. Wouldn't it be fun with Watson on it?

God bless Ron Jarrell...

Good night, Gracie...