"Tank, I need an exit"

ssh has agreed to let me be a guest editor for the interop universe. I noticed that the notes were a lacking the point of view from some of the NOCers on the eNet side. So I'm here to offer first hand information.

Of course, while trying to document all this I kept getting segwayed onto some of our other traits - namely the efforts we make to find out what bar everyone is at.

Interesting, it is a routing problem. Being, as we are, at the Mandalay Bay, All the bars we used end the night with (Rum Jungle, Red Square) are now the ones we're starting at. So we have this Blackhole route to the Rum Jungle, but after a few days this tends to wear thin and most of us end up looking a better routing table.

So we all get on the phone and start kicking around where we are and what our next hop is, hopefully in an effort to reach convergence. Last night we probably spent more time sending SMS routes than actually talking.

We were at the House of Blues and needed a default out of the Mandalay, Wej and the cheesheads were at the the Luxor and headed to the Hard rock. and Wally was on hold in the Monte Carlo also waiting for a route. It is like we need a drinkers BGP.

Fortunately, one exists. What we need to do is just all register ourselves with the Vegas version of DodgeBall.com.

I always recall that this was a lot easier when we were at the LVCC. We just got the hell out and hit a bar. I'm not sure if our proximity to the Rum Jungle makes this harder or it was just that that the LVCC sucked so bad we had to get down the strip.

Whatever protocol we use, I think that we need to keep a few bottles of vodka and bloody mary mix in the volunteer lounge. I think our mornings would be a lot more tolerable

But back to the eNet.

We were in the daily meeting. It had been a particularly bad day, where we saw some of the most exceptional network outages and weirdness. It was one of those days where everyone managed to screw up something and trouble shooting was, well, why we are here.

Glenn calmly summarised the state of affairs by simply saying "Today we were were our own worst enemy", and reminded us all of a saying that came about a few years ago: I was bitching an whining to someone that as usual we had screwed everything up. I was trying to find a simple way to get this point across,

"Whatever it is you are going to do...

When one of the volunteers finished my sentence for me

"...Just Don't !"

I'm not sure if we have a short term memory issue, or there is some deeper sub-conscious action that ensures we always have a problem to solve.

Either way, each show the Spirent guys take the time to point out that the network has the best performance between midnight and 6am

On my way back to my room I saw an elderly person with an oxygen tank playing the slots. Around the corner was a guy in a wheelchair at the craps table.

You're never too sick to go to Vegas.

Ssh, someone is sleeping.

Good night, Gracie

Thanks to Ron Jarrel