Time Management

One of the stranges phrases that I've seen in the leadership and performance management information that I've read and heard over the years is this one: Time Management. I don't know where the term began, or who coined it, but there is a fundamental problem with it: One cannot manage time! There is only one thing that happens with time, and that is that it passes. Moment by moment, day by day, time moves inexorably forward, and there is nothing that anyone can do to "manage" or otherwise control it. It is the effort to manage time that frustrates so many, and leaves many of us trying to understand "where the time went" and trying to "save time."

So, what is it that attracts us to Time Management enough to generate dozens of books, seminars, audio lessons, and effectively a complete industry? It's that we know that we are not accomplishing what we think that we can and should, and so there must be a way to harness time to help us.

Truth is, there isn't.

There is only one thing that we can harness or manage to help us, and it is that thing which we do almost anything we can do avoid. Do you know what it is? We need to learn to manage... Self.

You see, we really cannot control or manage anything else, can we? We can't actually control another, no matter how hard we try or think that we can. But, that means that we need to take full responsibility for controlling and managing the one person that we actually can: Self. The person who accepts full responsibility for him- or herself, who is willing to be held accountable for failure as well as success, who recognizes that only she controls her accomplishment has truly embarked upon a life worth living and one based on truth.

So, the next time you consider that you need to manage time better, realize that it is not time you need to manage, but yourself. Take inventory. Are you giving yourself enough of what you need and demanding of yourself what you ought? Life is worth living only if it is you who are living it.