What are you doing?

Last night, I sat down and went through my current projects, making sure that my next actions for each project were clear to me, especially since I am on-site with a client this week and have a number of objectives for my time here. This got me to thinking, "How many of us know that what we're doing right now is the most important thing that we can be doing right now?"

Clearly, this ties into my comments last time about self management. It also ties into objectives, both in terms of long-term goals and in terms of the stepping stones for reaching those goals.

David Allen has published the clearest outline for self management that I have seen, although Mission Control also presents very interesting ideas about this. One of the more interesting concepts introduced by Mission Control is the idea of answering the "Why?" question for each activity that you plan to do. This is a very powerful idea, indeed. Do you work on things because you feel like you should? Or because they seem like the right thing? Or for so many other good reasons? But always remember that the good is the enemy of the best! You may be doing what your doing for reasons that do not align with your objectives, goals, and purpose. As a result, you feel frustrated, busy, overloaded, and maybe even a bit depressed. All of these emotions are there for one of two reasons. Either you are engaged in activities that you know, perhaps even subconsciously, that are not really important to help you get to where you want to go, or you don't really know why you're doing what you're doing.

So, here's the fundamental question: where are you going in life? What will it take for you to really be fulfilled?

In the next few entries, I expect I'll be spending a bit more time on defining those things.

By the way, if you're reading this, do drop me a line or stuff in a comment to let me know how this is landing for you. Thanks...