Why are you doing?

So many people effectively wander through life trying to do what they think they "should" do in order to effect some result. Usually, the result is something like "be happy" or "feel good" or "make money" or some other equally abstract and effectively meaningless statement. Besides their general vague nature, these "reasons" are weak because they do not connect deeply with our own motivation. As a result, they do not actually provide us with the necessary emotional commitment to propel us to a rewarding future.

I am convinced that many people--perhaps the vast majority--pass through life as a "wandering generality" rather than a "meaningful specific" (to steal a pair of phrases from Zig Ziglar). The generality steals from us the emotive power of clear focus, and leaves us with the burden of obligation without the reward of success. Don't believe me? When will you achieve "being happy?" When will you cross the finish line of "feeling good?" When will you celebrate "making money?" The answer, of course, is that you won't. You'll never be able to recognize your own success, so you'll never accomplish what you think you seek.

Now, compare those to these far more concrete objectives: Have $150,000 in investments by April 15th, 2007. Improve my marriage by increasing communication and eliminating Love Busters. Create my weekly schedule so that I have time for a round of golf twice a week.

I don't know what gets you excited, obviously. But, I know that these more concrete objectives are far more focused and more likely to connect with my emotional commitments (both those that I know and those that I haven't discovered, yet) than are the amorphous reasons that I wrote at the beginning. It is the connection with our core emotional commitments that make the difference between success and failure. Many of us have no idea how important those core commitments are, and very few of us have actually spent the time and effort to mine them and put them to work. When we do, we discover motivation that we had no idea that we have. We discover the energy to accomplish the necessary to achieve our objectives. And, above all, we begin to understand more clearly our purpose in the grand scheme of life.

Take the time to understand yourself better. Find ways of uncovering the deep wells of desire that actually provide you with a reason for doing what you will do. When you do, you'll find that life takes on a clarity, focus, and meaning that you had never seen before. As a result, you'll accomplish more in less time than you could before. It will still be work, but it will be work for a reason. And the reason will be one about which you have a great desire. It will be worth it!