Will we make it?

So we're at that place, again. The time when we wonder if there is any hope of us pulling everything together in time. The experienced part of me knows that somehow we'll figure out how to pull everything together, make it work, and present a compelling educational experience to those who visit the iLabs. But, the practical and logical part of me stares at where we are and thinks that there's no way we have a prayer of pulling it off...

This year, it seems, we started even later than usual. It was probably my fault somehow, but it's taken a long time to get traction. As we're trying to get Cisco, Microsoft, and the TCG/TNC groups to work with us to pull together at least three silos worth of technology (one for each set of standards), it is often a task of helping folks understand how the iLabs works, that we're not looking for canned demos, and that it's not just more floor space for their booth stuff.

Not to mention that someone is actually relying on me for details like who I've talked to and what they said. Right! Like there's any hope of me actually remembering that. Or writing anything down!

Will we do it this time?

I guess you'll just have to check in here to find out!

God bless Ron Jarrell...

Good night, Gracie!