What day is it?

Someone said something about a time change. But, this is Hot Stage and who really knows what time it is? I think they get us prepared for 'Vegas by having us in a room with concrete walls and no clocks. I wander back to the hotel, drop into bed, get up when I wake up, and head back to the warehouse.

Yesterday, we actually went and had breakfast. The hotel's powdered eggs just don't work for me.

All of the iLabs folks are here--well, besides Karen who has deigned to grace us with her presence sometime today--and the tables are covered with stuff. We actually had both DL320 servers and T43 Thinkpads when we got here, the racks were up, tables were ready (except for the vinyl, which is another story all-together), and Chris Stradtman was here sorting cables(?!?!). Chris Hessing was helping him, as was Matthew Gast. It was highly intellectual work, apparently.

Ah, yes, the vinyl. The Interop staff had really worked hard to get the place ready for us. And they had done a really good job. Most of the staff are back from previous shows, and most know the InteropNet pretty well. Val is doing her usual bang-up job, and Lora has hit the ground running, too. But, to get the vinyl for covering the tables, it apparently took 4 or 5 staff people multiple half-hour phone calls to get it delivered. It was one of those little things that had folks fuming; how can it be so hard to get something so stupid actually done?

Pretty funny if you have the perspective to drop back and think about it.

Another shift is a timeshift that has nothing to do with the time change. I'm noticing that I'm here in the warehouse at about 8am every day. What's up with that?! Although I was a little behind that today. Other folks are here that early, too, both eNet and iLabs folks. And most folks are out of here between 8 and 10 at night. It's all very interesting.

Last night, we spent some time sharing some of the "old days" stories with Val. Everything from Ron Jarrell's love of the Paris convention building we had to navigate to various unnecessary wrestling matches between NOC team members and staff. She heard a few new stories that helped her understand the history. And Ron, she's really, really sorry; she didn't know any better.

BTW, we're also writing blogs over on the Interop site (http://www.interop.com/blog/) that are technology-focused. This, from my perspective, is still my weak attempt to maintain the tradition of "Notes from the Pit".

Speaking of which...

God bless Ron Jarrell...

Good night, Gracie...