Shake, rattle, and roll...

Well, we didn't feel it here, but there was a little rumbler a bit northeast of here: USGS Earthquake Hazards Program » Event 40187964.

The warehouse is eerie. Quiet. No one here but Chee and me. Minimal equipment. Our racks seem more full than any others. And, of course, I've stolen a number of servers from the OSS rack to populate ours for additional servers required this time around.

It was also interesting to discover that the Labs core actually does some stuff. So, since Chris and his racks aren't here, we didn't have a fiber/copper termination point for the labs. Not a big deal, but just an example of how focus creates those "Huh?" moments. I hadn't even thought about the fiber connection requirements here in a while.

Tomorrow, the team begins to arrive. At this point, the rack is lit, a few extra servers are there, and there's a new Summit 24 acting as a fancy media converter. We'll be sharing space with NOC 2, and have a lounge area next to the Labs area. Perhaps it will help us draw additional folks.

Anyone coming to NY?