Ken Iverson: Proof that True Leadership Works

A Tribute to Ken Iverson: "Mr. Iverson passed away in April 2002 at age 76, but he left behind a legacy of proof that a great workplace is great for business. While profits fell last year by 63%, pushed down by the downturn in the economy and a rise in cheap imports, the company still had net earnings of $113 million -- a stellar performance in a tough year that saw most integrated companies losing big bucks. The company is the largest steel producer in the U.S., with over $4.5 billion in annual sales."

Ken Iverson was one of those guys that proves that leading a company makes business sense. It takes more effort and focus than simply managing and demanding, but ultimately, it generates both better shareholder value and a more solid company.

His philosophy, as outlined in the linked article in, includes:

  • Turn everyone into a decision maker
  • Minimize the layers
  • Treat people as equals
  • Encourage innovation

The article is definitely worth a read. What do you think?