Didja Miss Me?

A lot has been happening over the past few months, and it's time to share it.

First off is the book deal! I am writing a book combining my passions into metaphorical prose. At least, that's the goal. The book, entitled "Open Your Heart With Skiing, Mastering Life Through Love of the Turns" will be published by Dreamtime Publishing next summer. In the meantime, I am participating with a number of the other Dreamtime authors on the Dreamtime blog, so you may want to visit there.

In terms of leadership, I've been thinking lately about the difference between leading a volunteer organization and leading an employment-based one. While all employment is volunteer in a sense, the relationship created by the exchange of value for money creates an additional incentive--for both sides of the relationship--to make things work. This can help smooth over some of the rough spots in leadership, since the exchange makes clear that the effort is appreciated.

In a volunteer organization, however, that's not there. Instead, the requirements on leaders go up in order to make sure that appreciation and the intangible benefits of the relationship remain clear. These are lessons that a business leader can learn to her benefit, as well. For example, answering the most fundamental question, "Why are we here?" can make a big difference in how the members of your organization respond to leadership. When they know why they're coming to work every day, it really makes a difference. But, it's important that you create the answers to that question in a way that resonates with your team and gives them that reason--and doesn't encourage them to reconsider!

What do you think is different between leading a volunteer organization and an employment-based one? Do you think that one can learn from the other?