The Mashup stream

In my recent post on Technology and Leadership, I mention that there are three evolving streams of technology that are going to have a dramatic impact on how people interact, how people work, and how we lead. The first one is the evolution of web 2.0 applications to include the off-line components to that web applications become truly and completely mobile. In addition to the Google technology that I mentioned there, the evolving Zimbra Desktop makes it clear that the use of a web-based interface for platform independent, on-line and off-line applications is approaching at a rapid pace.

The second stream of technology is that of web mashups. The power of multiple web services are captured in a single application to form a mashup, thus providing a complex application through the combination of the capabilities and data of a number of web sites like Google maps and real estate information or crime statistics. Of course, those applications are the beginning and barely scratch the surface of what's possible. Sites like's AppExchange are demonstrating how this technology is moving from the "interesting" to the "productive."

Have you used mashups? How?