The Cost of Leadership

In a comment to my recent post What's Next? Varun mentioned that the new world that is arriving is one that is not affordable for some. That got me thinking about the concepts of affordability and value.

The real question about any new technology or approach to leadership isn't one of absolute cost, but relative value. If I told you that you could invest $10,000 with me and I'll give you $30,000 after 30 days--and you can trust me to deal with you in integrity--you would of course find a way to do that. However, if I try to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for $5,000, you'd probably not be too interested.

Those are simple illustrations, but the concept is important. Too many people tend to focus on cost rather than value. They might say that they cannot afford something, when what they really mean is that they do not see the value in it--for them.

The value equation is, of course, influenced by a number of variables, including each individual's personal perspective. What do you think impacts your view of value? Or others' view of it?