Leading like an acrobat

During a recent team building trip with Firefly Energy, we saw Cirque Shanghai: Bai Xi, and incredible exhibition of acrobatics and teamwork.

As I watched the members leap and tumble, I noticed the synchronicity of their movements as a team, and they synergy of their roles. The members of the team would migrate from being the solo performer to one of a group to one that was supporting the others by holding a tether or moving props. Teamwork to music.

I noticed also that one member of each team would call out time for movements. "Hi!" they would say, loud enough for their teammates to hear, but not loud enough to be heard over the music. The members melted into one another as a group, then blossomed as individuals.

What a tremendous illustration of teamwork and a challenge to leaders of teams.

Are all the members of your team willing to be critical in different aspects of what you do? It may be supporting others or it may be taking the lead, but regardless, they are all critical. Are they willing to learn to work together at the highest levels of synergy?

What are some things that you do to help your team members enlarge their view of themselves and the team to expand what you are able to do? What do you think can make a difference?