Just do it!

Another thought occurred to me as I watched the Cirque Shanghai: Bai Xi that I mentioned in Leading Like an Acrobat: There was no talk. For the 90 minutes of a constantly shifting show, there were no words. There was music and movement, gymnastics and dance, but no talk.

I have noticed that many organizations tend towards the opposite, like an inexorable slide to mediocrity. Talk replaces action.

Nike, of course, popularized their slogan "Just do it!" in the context of challenging recreational athletes to overcome their limitations through effort and goals. And, of course, to buy some Nike gear in the process. The concept is a good one, however, and we are well-served to consider it as we lead.

If we are just talking, we aren't serving anyone well. If our team is talking without action, we're not progressing.

How do you keep your team moving? How do you balance that movement with the desire to talk without movement that some of your team members may have?