Have you ever thought about recreation? The word, I mean. It's a pretty interesting word. Re-create. Hmmm...

Many people work so hard that they miss it. They miss that they can't keep going forever. They don't understand that they really need to re-connect. To re-find themselves. To re-create.

It's telling that the beginning is all about creation. We are created in God's image as creators. We create, too, and creation is the beginning of anything and everything we do, isn't it?

What about re-creation?

That's what gives us the energy to create. It renews us. It offers a revision. It grants us relief.

I have a number of activities that are recreational for me: skiing, golf, a hike with my family, and some others. What about you? What re-energizes you?

In "Open Your Heart with Skiing," I use a recreational pasttime to illustrate eternal principles. It's that way with every truly recreational activity. They go deeper than entertainment or leisure to uncover real truth.

How do you re-create who you are?

Let's go!


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