What I Did

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I talked about what I did well last night. Today, I'll talk about what I coulda-shoulda done differently.

After being criticized, it's easy to react. Some get defensive while others beat themselves up. I tend to enjoy a good beating, even when I give it to myself. So, it seems, that's what I did.

But, I'm ahead of myself.

First, I got a call from my lovely bride. It seems that she had had some issues with the minivan while out with the kids, and through no fault of her own managed to witness the front bumper catching on a curb after she had parked at Costco. Unfortunately, it didn't let go. So, she had a dangling bumper.

And I'm a thousand miles from home right now.

Fortunately, thanks to a good friend, she got it tied up and out of the way, and next we'll figure out what to do about it. 'Tis tough when we're not together.

And tough stuff like this can make for challenging communication over the phone. As I managed to prove.

Excuse: I was being defensive.

...and stupid!

Not the way to be an influence. Not the way to lead. Not the way to live!

Which just proves that no matter how long you've been leading, studying leadership, and getting good at it, you still have challenges. Last night was one of mine.

Fortunately, Terry said some things that woke me up to how stupid I was being. She was her
normal loving, gracious self, and I was more than a bit of a git. So, I had some apologies to make.

But, she understood. And forgave me.

Now, we'll figure out what comes next.

You know what else she did? She encouraged me. She knew how difficult that critique was for me. Even though I was expecting it. Even in the midst of her challenging day, she took the time to encourage me and remind me what she thinks of me.

Know what? 'Twas great!

There's more for you to learn there. Did you see it?

Influence is vitally important. It helps others become the best that they can be. Last night, my bride was that person in my life... as was Matthew Furey.

Who is it in your life?

Until next time, it's time to get stuff done!

Let's go!


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