What Matters to You?

Dear < $firstname$>,

I very rarely watch television. It's not a profitable use of time, so
it rarely enters my thoughts. But, it's football season. That time of
year when I tend to migrate towards the boob tube on Saturdays and
Sundays (and Monday nights) to see what's happening on the
gridiron. Today was no different. Opening day for the NFL and I was

I find that there are insights for life wherever you look. You can
discover principles for the first time or be reminded of them if you
just pay close attention.

Today, I was reminded of the principle of time while watching the
Bills/Broncos game. On the kickoff that started the second half, 2nd
string tight end Kevin Everett hammerred returner Domenik Hixon, but
Everett was the one who didn't move afterward. He lay on the turf
surrounded by trainers before leaving in an ambulance. He had
emergency surgery shortly thereafter. My prayers are with him and
those who know him and care about him. These are difficult

Here's what's interesting, though: I think he'll rise above it.

Life is often challenging. It hands you difficulties that sometimes
seem impossible to overcome. And yet overcome them you can...and
do. You find a way to make the impossible possible because it matters
to you.

We have all heard the stories of the mother who lifted the car off her
kids. How did she do that? The only answer is, "Because she had to do

There is much to be learned from this if you are willing to see it. A
deep truth that you can use for your benefit. All the matters is what

What matters to you?

Let's go!

Stephen Hultquist

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