The Day Before Vacation

Dear Friend,

Today was an interesting day for me here in Boulder, with a broad range of deadlines looming and a family that was looking for some time with me, as well. How was I going to get it all done? Most days are like that for me and I bet they are like that for you, too. How you plan for and respond to days like this can tell you a lot.

Wasting time. Sometimes you thrash around and don't focus long enough to get something done. You know you're not getting it done, but the days just kind of go by. You're busy. There's a lot of activity. But no real progress.

It can be hard to remember what's important at those times. It's too easy to coast. Do the bare minimum and take the easy way through the day.

What's your defense?

During my years in San Jose when I was studying the Mastering Life NOW! principles, I listened to Zig Ziglar's "Goals" audio album. In it, Zig talks about the way you get so much done on the day before vacation. You can take that idea and get so much more done every day.

You can get in on that. Live today as though you leave on vacation tomorrow. Do what you do on those days and see what you get done.

So how did I manage my day today? I managed to complete my presentation materials for my Mastering Life talk for a technical audience at SNW Dallas, spend a few hours hiking around Boulder Chautauqua with Terry and the kids, and even watch a little football.

What did you get done today?

Let's go!


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