What's Up With Them?

Dear Friend,

Given what's going on around us, it's easy to whine. Complaints about other people. What they do, what they say, how they think, why they do and say it. It's pretty interesting, isn't it? Here's the real question: time spent thinking about and whining about other people is time not spent making life better for yourself.

Besides, I have found that attempting to figure out other people usually means you're wrong. After all, can you really know?

It's a waste of time.

Every time you run into one of those situations, refocus. Create time to make changes. To become who and what you want to become.

Ask this: Why does this situation steal my time?

There is always something to learn from a situation like this. You'll discover that the situations that tweak you contain the seeds of growth. They show you your own weaknesses. They are windows into who you are and how you can grow.

Most people won't make the effort, though. It's easier to whine and complain and blame.

Don't make that mistake. You can't do anything about anyone else. You can't help them by whining, but you can show them a better way.

How about it? Transform whining into personal improvement.

Let's go!


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