Your Purpose

Dear Friend,

A few years ago, internationally known pastor and poverty activist Rick Warren wrote "Purpose Driven Life." The book catapulted to the top of bestseller lists and was read by millions worldwide. The book had clearly struck a chord. Everyone is looking for purpose.

While the book offers a number of ideas about what your purpose is, there's more to purpose than taking someone else's word for it. Part of the process is finding your own.

During the annual Leadership Summit last year, pastor Bill Hybels spoke as he always does. This year, though, he spoke about the trigger that changes a fairly typical personal into an extraordinary leader. He studied such leaders for many years. Leaders like Nelson Mandella, Mother Teresa, and many less well-known leaders who are getting it done. He found the common thread: their point of holy discontent.

What is is that they were not willing to tolerate? At what point did they say, "Not on my watch!"

They found their purpose.

For each of us, there is something that awakens within us when the trigger trips. Finding it and nuturing it directs you to your passion. You find your purpose.

And you are never the same again.

What is it for you? Find it!

Let's go!

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