How Do You Slow Down?

Dear Friend,

This week I'm here on Cape Cod with my family of five. Our oldest daughter Rachel had read so much about Nantucket that she decided she really wanted to see it. So we started to ask questions of people we know: When should we go? Where should we stay? What should we see?

Although Terry grew up in New York and I spent a number of years traveling and living on the East Coast, neither of us had ever been here before. We heard that it was beautiful, though, and that now would be a wonderfully quiet time of year. So, we put the plans in motion.

Last year, we spent a week in South Dakota. We stayed near Custer, and wandered the Black Hills. We saw the wild mules in Custer State Park, stared in awe at Mt. Rushmore, watched B1 bombers do touch-and-gos at Ellsworth, visited Crazy Horse, and slowed down. The benefit to me was amazing.

So, I'm doing it again. I'm slowing down.

Today, we wandered around the south west area of Cape Cod. We visited a lighthouse, had high-tea in Falmouth, and walked on one of the fabulous beaches. Megan found an intact crab shell. I had a great Greek salad for dinner.

What was really important, though, is that we all connected and slowed down.

We'll do more of that tomorrow.

Like you, I've got a lot going on. I run a consulting business, write books and articles, coach and mentor members, and I'm a dad to my kids and husband to my amazing bride. It's easy for me to get caught up in it all. I forget to slow down.

Fortunately, Terry reminds me.

During ski season, she'll just say, "You need to go skiing." I know then that I've been a bear to live with, and she needs me to go reconnect with reality. Skiing does that for me. Being here on Cape Cod does, too. The Black Hills did it last year.

What about you?

Do you force yourself to slow down? You need to do that. It's important. It's vital for your health and your relationships need it, too.

Do it!

Let's go!

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