Who's Your Coach?

Dear Friend,

Today I exchanged e-mail with my coach. We were discussing my website at http://masteringyourlifenow.com/ and talking about how well it does -- or doesn't -- communicate what I want it to. I'm grateful for his help.It

You see, he has deep understanding of what it takes to communicate on the Internet.

Although I have been working with Internet technologies since 1983, I know that I don't know everything. I know that I can learn more, in fact a lot more. So I look for people who know more than I do and who are getting it done. He is.

As a good coach does, he gave me very direct feedback. I went and looked at my site again. He was right, it needed work. In fact, I don't even know what I was thinking when I wrote what was there!

I made some changes. I listened to what he said. I still have more to do. He has given me so much guidance, I have pads of written notes from his seminars, coaching calls, and newsletters. I still need his direct input, though.

So, he responded to an e-mail of mine to give me specific help. That's what a coach does.

Who's your coach?

I often think about what happened to Tiger Wood's golf game when he fired his coach before he had found a new one. He really struggled for a while. Given the amount of talent he has, that's significant. Everyone needs a coach. Most need more than one to cover every area of their lives that they want to improve.

I have a number myself, and as a result, I've grown a lot.

My Internet coach? He's the Zen Master of the Internet, Matthew Furey. He really is a Zen Master. You have an opportunity to meet him, too, if you'd like. Together with Dan Gable, Archie Manning, and Bruce Lee's fighting partner in those great movies. I'd be pleased to introduce you myself. Find out more about this here: http://masteringyourlifenow.com/zeroresistance

Where are you headed?

Let's go!

PS Part of being coached is getting great insights filtered just for you. That's a big part of Mastering Life NOW! You get insights and knowledge from brilliant people filtered by me just for Mastering Life NOW! members. You have that at the fraction of the usual cost of personal coaching. Learn more: http://masteringyourlifenow.com/