Handling Disappointment

Dear Friend,

Handling Disappointment

We have had a great time on the Cape, and have reconnected with each other as a family. We've spent time on the beaches, visiting lighthouses, enjoying the food, and even do a bit of shopping.

Remember that crab shell that Megan picked up on the beach? I didn't tell you the whole story. It was a very cool shell, the top of the crab. It was very light, and Megan enjoyed looking at it, showing it to the rest of us, and couldn't wait to show her friends at home. As we walked to the car, we talked about how we'd protect it in the car and on the way home.

As we got to the edge of the sand, she held it out in her hand and asked again what we would do with it. As she did, three things happened at once. A gust of wind blew. It scooped up that great crab shell and sailed it. Right under Gabe's foot. As it was coming down.


Bye-bye, crab shell.

We all stood there for a moment staring at it. Gabe didn't even know what had happened. I reached out for Megan. I hugged her. I told her how sorry I was. And I let her cry.

It was a significant loss for her. She had never seen one before, and she had found this one herself. She hugged her mom for a while, cried a bit more, and talked with her.

We all got into the car with a somber tone.

Then, we prayed that she would find another, one even more complete.

A few minutes later, I noticed that Megan was talking. Shortly, she was once again the life of the party, laughing and getting us laughing, too. I was proud of her, and told her so. She had let herself be disappointed and then she got over it.

Many adults could learn a lot from that 10-year-old!

How do you deal with disappointment?

By the way, today we found another crab shell. Complete with all the legs and claws. Megan is thrilled.

She let it go. Will you?

Let's go!

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