Think Scarcity or Abundance... You're Right

Dear Friend,

Think Scarcity or Abundance... You're Right

It was nice to hear from some of you about our time here. Obviously, it's clear to a number of you that I have not walked the beaches of Cape Code before. You were quick to point out that crab shells are quite plentiful along the Cape, and that it was very likely that we would find another one.

In doing so, though, you reminded me of another mastering life truth, and how even a 10-year-old can activate the principles...

We had no idea how plentiful blue crab shells are here on the Cape. All we knew was that Megan had found one and had been crushed when it was crushed by mistake. We watched her amazing response even though we knew how deeply saddened she was by its destruction.

Then, she -- together with the rest of the family -- opened herself up to the possibility of abundance; of finding something even better.

Those of you who know this part of the world would say, "Of course, she'd find another! There are plenty of them if you know where to look." Yet, do you say the same thing in your own life when you experience loss? Do you know that life has abundance for you?

Many people live in tiny prisons of their own fashioning. They are limited by their own thinking. It is so easy to miss abundance when your brain is stuck in fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Being stuck in scarcity means missing it. In fact, you will unconsciously go to work in an effort to be right about your limits. You won't see it when it shows up. You'll walk right by your own crab shells... missing them completely.

Instead, what happens if you shift your thinking and expect even more, even better?

That's what Megan did. As a result, we found a virtually complete blue crab shell. Legs, claws, and all. It's the only one of those that we have seen.

Are you expecting even better? Is your world full of abundance just waiting for you to be open to accept?

What's holding you back?

Let's go!

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