The 300 Dollar Boat Ride

Dear Friend,

We had another great day around Cape Code today, including a 300 dollar boat ride that was a real memory maker.

As I mentioned earlier, Nantucket was a primary purpose for this trip, so we had to go and visit the island. We were all looking forward to it. We checked out the various options for getting us there, and there was one clear winner: the High-Speed Ferry out of Hyannis. The High-Speed takes an hour to cruise each direction, while the traditional ferry's take almost two. Besides, the High-Speed ferry runs many more times during the day so we had longer on the island. And it costs twice as much.

We made our reservations while enjoying the beach yesterday, and were on the 9:10am ferry today.

The Grey Lady is a high-speed catamaran that cruises at 32 knots and is capable of 40. Today, the seas were reasonably calm, but when the captain kicked in the engines, the big boat leaped foward and shot across the water.

The kids laughed for joy and I enjoyed the spray and the view. From the rear deck, you can watch the water churned by the twin engines meet in the middle and billow a huge splash, spraying a rainbow in the sun. From inside the lounge, the ocean speeds by outside, leaving sights and boats in its wake.

The ride alone -- especially the kids' laughter -- was worth the cost.

Before long, you arrive on Nantucket, the Brant Point lighthouse winking a welcome.

Today was brilliant. Sunny, warm, and welcoming. We spent the day wandering the historic sights, from a house built in the second half of the 17th century to another built by a whaling magnate and then up to the last remaining corn mill. The tours were quite telling. In many ways.

One thing I noticed was the way the tour guides discussed wealth. Both houses were built by wealthy families, and they weren't afraid to communicate their wealth. It was interesting to listen to the tour guides, though. One said, "But, he was very generous with his money, though."

She said this to apologize for the money that William Hadwen had made, and to make it seem acceptable because he gave so much away.

Now, I think it was great that he did what he wanted with the money he earned. But, he grew from a pennyless lad from Rhode Island apprentised to a silversmith to being one of the wealthest men on Nantucket. To do that he took risk, invested, developed multiple new businesses, and made many smart moves.

He had no need to apologize, and I suspect he knew that.

We've lost a lot of that.

Today, there are more of us who are far wealthier than either of those two Nantucket families could ever imagine. One didn't have running water while the other didn't have electricity. Both things that are common today.

And yet many people feel that they have to apologize for their wealth. Much like the volunteer tour guides I met today.

Why is that?

It's because no one appreciates the real source of wealth: creativity, risk, and work toward a specific objective. Most people no longer value these things.

And that's foolish.

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On the way back from Nantucket, it was dark. The moon shone full and bright on the water, lending a touch of magic to the speed of our modern ship and the splash of the sea over the gunwales. Rachel and I stood transfixed by the beauty and the peaceful sea. We were changed and deepened by it...

How will you grow today?

Let's go!

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