Why Would You Do That?

Dear Friend,

I overhead a pair of leaders at lunch today. As I sat there alone in a Chik-Fil-A in Atlanta enjoying my grilled chicken salad, I happened to overhear them talking about a guy who had bought a hundred hamburgers for 49 cents and then sold them right outside the restaurant for 25 cents.


The question I heard the second guy ask was this, "Why would he do that?"

Think about something that has surprised you that someone did. Isn't that a question you often find yourself asking? "Why would they do that?"

Some time ago I was in a coaching conversation with the dean of a law school. We were discussing how to understand what a child is thinking when they do something that they know is wrong. When I talked about asking them why they had done it, her response rocked me: "In law, we avoid asking 'why?' It is an invitation to lie. People get defensive immediately when you ask them why they have done something."

It's because they know that there is a reason for what they are doing, even if they aren't willing to admit it or discover it...

Whatever you have done today, whatever you will do tomorrow... and the next day... you have done and will do for a reason. Even if you don't identify that reason or think about it at all, you have a reason.

This can be a powerful discovery if you take the time to really unwrap it and decide what you'll do with it.

What's behind your decision to take action or wait? What's behind your priority decisions about money and time? Time is even more precious, isn't it?

There are some things that you do because you "should." Unfortunately, should is a very weak "why?" It is nebulous. It is purposeless. It invites failure and excuses.

Creating purpose creates power.

Why are you doing that?

Why will you do what you do tomorrow?

Let's go!

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