You Aren't Going to Make It Today

Dear Friend,

I have spent time over the past 20 years or so working to understand what I was missing, what the principles of life are, and how they work. I would try to dig into each principle and really understand it. Then, I would work to figure out how I needed to apply it in my life to make a real difference.

If you've read the bit of my life story that I've put onto my web page at, you will know that my study hasn't always led to success right away. Over time, though, it seems to pick up momentum.

One of the principles that has been challenged a deeply-held false belief is that of "making money." As Earl Nightingale was fond of saying, the only people who make money are those who work at the mint. Everyone else must earn money.

Like most of the principles, that minor change of vocabulary can lead to a substantial shift in thinking and acting.

You will think differently if you think about earning money instead of making money. Earning it makes clear that you are creating value. You are doing something that others find to be valuable and you are receiving compensation for it as a result. You are earning it.

Contrast that with the idea of "making money" which makes it seem that you somehow spin gold out of thin air. It doesn't work that way. When you miss this subtle difference you not only limit your personal income, but you also lose the vision to see why you're doing what you're doing and how it ties into your income.

You are earning.

How will you earn today?

Let's go!

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