Just picture a kid on the morning of his birthday. Wide-eyed and full of life. Looking forward to what the day will bring. Knowing that there are some great surprises in store. Longing for them. Bouncing off the walls.

This is a birthday weekend in our house. Gabe turned six, and today was the day his friends came over for a "boy party." They ran around the house, the neighborhood, and the backyard. They wrestled and laughed. They chased Gabe on his new bike.

They got along, too.

Watching them play, I got to thinking about anticipation. I thought about how so many of us lose our sense of wonder as we wake each morning. Days become dull and grey. We search for excitement, but rarely find it. We stop expecting it.

Last spring, I had the delight of spending a week in the French Alps. I taught a few folks some skiing, and stared in awe at some incredible mountain peaks. One of them that I photographed during my day at La Grave is staring at me as the background of my computer display.

Awe inspiring. Quite literally, awesome.

Mystery. Wonder. Magnificence.

Every human seeks it, and yet life seems to suck it out of us. What's left isn't really life, is it?

In my book "Open Your Heart with Skiing," I take the reader on a life journey using skiing as the backdrop. Both those who ski and those who don't have found stories and ideas that have deepened their journey.


What are you looking forward to?

Let's go!

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