Are You Bored?

Tips reader Mark Townsend wrote in with some thoughts after last night's e-mail:

"Your gate attendant answering the same questions over and over is very similar to coaching I provide to systems engineers and new corporate presenters. After they have used a particular presentation for a few weeks - they start to feel that the material is old and needs refreshing.

"I remind them that although the material is old hat to them, it is brand new to the next person walking in that door. Consistency of brand messaging relies on the message being delivered, even though they have "tired" of delivering it.

"I wonder if it is the same for the gate agent, answering the same questions again and again?

"By treating the people as new, and leveraging the 'experience' in delivery - we can truly turn the tide on the problem. Don't approach the message as the same - provide the new person with your experience and with great attitude and you'll definitely improve your results!

"In the many years I have coached people (as a supervisor), I have noticed that employees can become bored. This boredom creates the need for change - although change as a result of boredom rarely is positive.

"How many times have you noticed boredom in the workplace and noticed its negative effects?

"Hope you had a safe flight.


Way to go, Mark!

There is so much in this great e-mail: the benefit of constantly improving, the power of perspective, and the way that boredom can steal your effectiveness. I'm glad Mark let me share it with you, and hope that you'll read it a couple of time to get from it more than you can in a single reading.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS Yes, I still have a few copies in stock for holiday gifts. If you have been waiting to order that autographed copy for a friend, now is a good time to do it!