Decisions, Decisions

Today was a pretty interesting day here in metro Denver. I spent the morning in meetings with a client in the Denver Tech Center. We were taking a look at their marketing, their web site information, and technology for their business. It was a good series of meetings, and we covered a lot of territory before I headed out for Boulder. I had a pair of $3500 skis in my car that I needed to get back to the company's president. More about that in a minute.

After calling him to arrange to meet, I drove up I-25 through Denver. I hit a bit of traffic, and so when the decision came, I decided to jump into the HOV lane and pay the $1.50 toll for the convenience.

It was one of those really good decisions that I sometimes make. Without realizing it at the time.

As I got farther north, the traffic on the main road was more and more congested until it got to a complete... STOP.

I was REALLY glad that I had made that decision.

I got to a point where the cars stopped in a line across the road. In front of them... nothing. An empty roadway. But nothing was moving...

Only later did I find out why.

Life is like that sometimes, as I describe in the book (if you haven't read the new web page about it, you really should! We make good decisions without really knowing why.

You see, in Denver today, a water main broke. It burst, really, and spewed 2 million gallons of water under I-25. As a result, the road sunk. About 16 feet. There is now a hole, 40 feet by 40 feet effectively blocking the entire roadway. The interstate is closed tonight, and likely will be through much of the day tomorrow.

What a mess!

I was glad to make it through.

I met briefly with John to talk with him about his skis. We chatted about ways of working together to help him grow his company and get his skis to the right people... people who appreciate the quality, capabilities, and exclusivity of his unique product.

What decisions did you make today? Are you glad you made them?

Will you make great decisions tomorrow?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS The book is still available. Get your copy today: