Doncha Just Love It?

I have spent a fair amount of time during this long Thanksgiving weekend enjoying an American pasttime: Watching football. Starting with the NFL games on Thanksgiving Day, there has been a football game on virtually constantly. There's something to be learned from everything in life, and watching sports can teach us a lot.

For instance, on Thursday night a resurgent USC played Arizona State for the Pac-10 lead. While many had ridden the USC bandwagon the past few years, most had written them off when they lost two games earlier this year, one to unranked Stanford and the other to #5-ranked Oregon. Everyone wrote them off. Of course, USC didn't pay attention. Thursday night, #11 USC beat #6 Arizona State handily, and now has a very good shot at playing in the Rose Bowl.

The keys for them: Forgetting the past and rising to the challenge.

As I watched a number of other highly-touted teams fight for their lives... and in some cases lose dramatically... I thought about how we often lose our focus and give up.

All of these ideas apply to YOU and what you need to do in life to achieve your dreams.

One reason I wrote Open Your Heart with Skiing ( was to use the stories of skiing to make life truths clearer and more memorable. I'm glad that those who have read it have found it helpful.

What about YOU?

What are you doing to learn and grow and change this week?

We're coming up on the new year. A time of retrospection and growth. Get ready for some new ideas coming soon.

Until then...

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

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