Focus on the Goal, not...

Today was a reentry day. After 12 days on the road away from my family, I got back yesterday just in time for Megan's birthday party. 11 of her friends were here to celebrate her 11th birthday. They were so creative. After pizza, they turned off the lights and ran screaming around the house playing "Cut Throat Mafia," a modern version of those neighborhood games we all played as kids.

The couple boys that were here left about 9, and the girls settled in for a movie, talking, and a sleepover. I got to reconnect with Terry.

Today was family day. I spent it with the kids. I know it's hard for them to have me gone for long stretches, and this was the longest of the year. I helped Gabe ride his new bike. I played basketball with Gabe and Megan. I watched football with Gabe and we played a bit of tackle in the upstairs hallway.

He needs boy time.

I realized as I played with the kids how important these times are. Connecting, but also growing. As I helped Gabe and Megan improve their basketball game, I created a mantra for them:

Focus on the Goal, not the Score.

Gabe just turned 6, and tends to be focused on the score. When he is, though, he tends to lose sight of the near-term goal... to make another basket.

Isn't that just like YOU?

Sometimes, you focus on the SCORE. How much money you have... or don't have. Your success. Your sales. Your friends. The SCORE.

Not the GOAL.

The goal is why you do what you do. And it's the next step to get there.

Focus on the GOAL, not the SCORE. That's the path to success. In sport and in life.

Let's go!

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