Handling the Unexpected

After the sinkhole yesterday, I was looking forward to today. We had planned a phys-ed day today for our homeschooling family: a trip to Copper Mountain for a bit of fun in the snow. Everything was ready for the day: clothes and breakfast laid out, skis in the car, family to be early.

At 6am, I rolled out of bed. This time, I did something smart before waking up the family: I checked the web.

You see, last night was a blizzard in the mountains. Snowing at an inch an hour, blowing at up to 80mph, and creating havok. The interstate highway into the mountains (I-70) was closed last night at about 9pm. So, I wanted to make sure we were good to go.

At 6am, 90 miles of I-70 was closed, from Beaver Brook to Avon. Blowing and drifting snow, white out conditions, and an inability to keep up with plowing made the road impassable.

As a result, we weren't going anywhere!

We adjusted.

The kids and Terry got ahead in school. I got some additional work done that I would not have otherwise been able to do. And we spent some time together as a family for a bonus.

Nobody got angry. Nobody went back to bed... although I did let everyone sleep in after I found out we weren't going anywhere.

Handling the unexpected is a key to living well. Life is a serious of unexpected events. It is the unexpected that gives life its spice.

Are you enjoying the taste?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS It's my first book, and it shares keys to living: http://stephenhultquist.com/skiing.html