How Much Time Will It Take...

I am sitting here in seat 5C of a United Boeing 767-300 flying 36,000 feet and 500 mph over the Atlantic Ocean. We're about 1110 miles from our destination at Washington, DC's Dulles International airport. We've got about 2 and a half hours of the 8 hour flight left. Since I left Kigali midday Friday, I flew 90 minutes to Nairobi, Kenya. I spent about 8 hours in the lounge at the airport after claiming and re-checking my bag. A six-hour flight on Swiss Air brought me to Zurich. There, I grabbed a wonderfully hot and powerful shower, spent a bit of time checking e-mail, and grabbed some food at the lounge before heading out to the E terminal from which all US flights depart. We left a bit late, but we'll arrive a bit early. At this point, we're almost to Nova Scotia.

At Dulles, I'll have a couple of hours to go through immigration, grab my bag, clear customs, recheck the bag, and head for the final leg of this 40-hour trip. I'm looking forward to picking up my kids on my way home, since my soulmate is in Peoria for our neice's wedding this weekend.


It's worth it, though. It's worth it for what we are investing in Rwanda and the lives of the people there.

It's not always worth it, though. You need to know what's worth it to you.

In chapter 3 of Open Your Heart with Skiing, I outline the importance of time. That's the chapter in which I look at Preparation. In that chapter's section on The Turns, I wrote: "As important as preparation for skiing is, it is even more important in life. Yet most of us don't prepare for anything. What about you? Do you spend the time necessary to really "sharpen the saw" as Stephen R. Covey phrases it? Do you stop doing long enough to prepare? Do you prepare before you take on a new project, make an effort to finish one you've been working on for a while, or focus on a relationship? Do you study and grow first, then apply your new insights and knowledge to the situations you face?"

Sometimes it's easy to see the value of time invested. Most of the time, though, it's not. Unless you know what you're doing in life and why you're doing it.

In my forthcoming product, I'm taking apart the entire concept of time. I'm busting the myths of time management, giving you the important ideas that will actually work in your life, and showing you the way to make time work for you.

Now that I'm almost home, you're going to hear more about it. Get ready. I have something special for charter members!

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

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