I Couldn't Find It

Tonight, I flew into Dallas. As usual, I got to the airport with plenty of time, but unlike my usual plan, I actually checked a bag. The flight was delayed a bit, but overall pretty uneventful.

I felt for the lady in the row behind me who had reserved her seat planning to have an exit row seat with lots of leg room. On those 737s, United pulls out a seat in one of the rows, so the window seat has two rows' worth of legroom.

Unfortunately for her, they swapped planes, so she ended up not only without that extra leg room, but in a row with even less legroom than the economy plus section where she always flies. She wasn't happy at all!

I had my own opportunity to get upset a bit later, after we landed. Remember that bag? No sign of it when the bags for our flight had all come around the carousel. I couldn't find it. So much for that great priority tag that United had put on it for me. I walked over to the baggage services office, filed my paperwork, and they'll be dropping it off later tonight here in my hotel room.

The other person in the baggage office was a woman who had her bag delayed. She was all stressed out over it. Making those disgusted noises that people do.

What could be done, though? Especially by the guy in the baggage office.

Yet she was burning her energy in useless and negative ways. There was nothing that anyone could do about her situation at this point.

What about you? Do YOU stay on-target and focused?

As you read Open Your Heart with Skiing, you see the Turns and see how they are all through life. You also see ways of enjoying those turns and growing well as you go. Even enjoying it.

What about you?

Let's go!

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