I Know Your Secrets...

Surprise! What now?

To think that someone knows your secrets is a frightening thought. Surely not that one! What it would mean to your life, your work, your family... NO! It can't be.

Some years ago, a speaker challenged a room full of us to, "Live as if there is no such thing as a secret." Eventually, he suggested, the secrets come out. They eat you alive or they emerge into the light of day. You will face them sooner or later. So don't hide. And live as though you can't hide.

A few short years later, his secrets were exposed. He lost his life's work. His family faced the shock of his failings. He was right, and his prophesy consumed him. He has not lost his life or his family, but he has had to start over.

Think about a time when you were completely free of secrets. Nothing to hide. Nothing to protect. Free.

Truly free.

Now, think of the things you're hiding today. Why?

What of the things you'll do today that you will want to hide?


Don't do them.

Free yourself.

No one can do it but you.

Eventually, it all comes out anyway. Live as if there are no secrets.

Let's go!
Stephen Sven Hultquist

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