If Days had 48 Hours...

Last week I spent time with a couple of guys who were attending the same conference I was. We had a few meals together, discussed our work, and talked about what we were hearing and learning in the conference. At one point, one of the guys got to talking about all the things he was trying to get done, and how he really had to work at it.

You've had those conversations with people. They talk about not having enough time. They wish that they could get another hour. Or another day. You might even say that you'd like the world to stop for a day or two to let you catch up.

If only days had 48 hours.

Of course, if they did, we'd just fill them the same as we do now. The issue isn't how many hours.

I thought about how many people I know talk about time. And how many different ways we describe time. You save time and invest time. You manage time and watch time. You probably waste time, too.

Have you ever really thought about time?

There's nothing you can do to it. Every second just ticks by. You can't stop it or speed it up. You can't buy more or lose it. Everyone has the same number of ticks in every day.

So what's the difference?

It's in how you think about time and what you do about it. Today is a new day.

Let's Go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS I'm working away on that new product I mentioned yesterday, and you'll see it soon. I plan to launch it after I return from Africa. Keep your eyes open to these e-mails; I want your input! Make sure you get a copy of the book if you haven't: http://infinitesummit.com/book.html.