It's finally time to...

I am grateful to have people in my life who aren't afraid to tell me the truth. To challenge me. To take me to task when I screw up. People who know me... and like me anyway. There aren't a lot of people like that in my life, but those that are make all the difference.

Today, one of them hit me. He reminded me of something I know. In fact, it's something I teach others. I've mentioned it in these e-mails and it's in the book, as well ( But, I need reminders. Just like you do.

He looked at me and asked me, "Are you taking time to slow down and recharge every day? Are you meditating and praying? Are you giving your spirit an opportunity to grow?"

I've shared my travel schedule with you. What do you think my answer was?

"Of course not!"

He's right though. It's finally time to fix that. To take time.

So, for a while, I'll let you know how I'm doing with that. What about you? Are you taking the time?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS For those of you who want to help us help Rwanda, drop by the Vinelife web site and make your tax-deductable contribution ( - be sure to put "Rwanda - ssh" in the comment field so it gets applied to this effort).

PPS If you don't have people like this in your life, check out my program. It would be my honor to help you grow: Your potential is astounding.