It's the Same Everywhere...

Yesterday, I was an invited speaker for a business and leadership development seminar here in Kigali, Rwanda. I am here as part of a small team, and we are focused on finding ways of creating and sustaining growth for Rwanda.

During my time here, there has been more than once that I wanted to simply jump in to address the immediate problem. Like the woman with a crutch who needed 40,000 Rwandan francs (Rwfr) to pay her back rent of 4 months (that's about $80). Or the mother trying to support 3 children and living in a single 8x8 room. And so on. Each need is small enough that it's easy to see a way to address it. And yet, you know that if you do, they will be in a similar position in a month or two.

The key is to create a change. As with anyone, that's real hard.

So yesterday, we made a start. We taught respected leaders how business works. These pastors, business, and government leaders are so respected that many will follow their lead. It's important that we help them understand how it all works.

I spoke with them about vision: knowing your ultimate destination.

I outlined purpose: knowing your part in seeing the vision become real.

I helped them understand how goals provide the steps to accomplish the vision, and each goal must have a plan for its accomplishment.

Ultimately, we are working with them to create a cooperative that will be an avenue for capital so that they can build news businesses with the financial foundation that they need.

Of course, these principles are universal. Many people think they understand them, but the real issue is whether or not they DO them.

What about YOU? Can you share your vision quickly and simply? Do you know the goals that are next for you and how you're going to reach them?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS For the next few days, we'll take a look at each of these. Of course, if you want to really dig into them, you can join Mastering Life NOW! for clear guidance in your on-going success: