Making or Earning

Terry and I are learning to dance. Now, this may not seem like much, but believe me, this is a big deal. First, it took a lot of faith on her part. After all, I weigh more than she does, and crushed toes are no fun.

Second, it was a big step for me. For some reason, dancing has been something that I've always thought was beyond my skills. I'm not sure why, but I was believing something that I had bought into years ago.

But, we have a big dance coming up that we're sponsoring here in the Boulder area, and Terry decided that it was time for us to learn how to really dance. So, we signed up. The girls study ballet (and Megan studies tap) at a local studio and they offer ballroom lessons. Last night was lesson number five, and it's going better than I had anticipated. In fact, we laughed a lot, I haven't stepped on her once, and she's learning to follow on the dance floor.

All good things.

Sometimes, it's useful to learn something new. The book ( discusses new things and how helpful they can be to keep us moving forward in life.

Afterward, we visited with another couple who had invited us for the evening. We sat around and talked about everything from classical music and composers to the plans for the dance to business.

The business discussion was pretty interesting, and one of the ideas I thought you might benefit from considering.

At one point, our discussion turned to money and how we think about it. We talked about the hang-ups that we often inherit. I talked about my discovery that it's all about value and that thinking that way is a breakthrough, as I've mentioned in these e-mails in the past.

But one idea that is very powerful is the difference between "making" and "earning."

Years ago I heard Earl Nightingale say, "The only people who make money are those who work in the mint. The rest of us earn it."

It took me quite a while for the profound truth of that statement to make it all the way in.

Do you think about making or earning?

There is a huge difference. And success is on the other side of earning.

Ready for the breakthrough?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS The principles in the book will help you get there: