As I wrote the subject for yesterday's e-mail, I thought about a seemingly small piece of advice that I'd gotten from one of my coaches last year. During our Mastermind meeting, he wouldn't listen to anyone who said, "My problem is..." He would stop them in mid-sentence and ask them to rethink their point.

"My problem is..."

Thinking about problems puts you into a defensive, introverted, begging mindset. It shuts down your creativity.

For someone like me who has built his career on solving problems, this was a real challenge! How could I view these things?

What's YOUR problem?

...and how can you look at it differently.

Napoleon Hill said that within every great failure is the seed for a greater success.

That way of thinking can change YOUR life. Just like it's changed mine.

Napoleon Hill is one of the authors that I feature in the Library Builder ( With the Library Builder, you'll have the oppotunity to tap into the most brilliant minds of all time, and to use their knowledge for your personal profit.

Why wouldn't you do that?

After all, life isn't a series of problems. It's a series of opportunities for success...

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS Don't forget those presents for your friends and family: